A Preaching Conference For Women

October 19-20, 2018

Our mission is to raise a generation of Spirit-filled women who are encouraged
and equipped to proclaim Christ
for the renewal of their local church communities.  

This gathering is for:
1. Experienced women preachers who can be inspired in new ways and offer mentoring
2. Women who are new to preaching and need mentoring and experience
3. Men who desire to support women in their preaching
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Giving women a platform to share and explore their preaching call.
  • Developing avenues to find lay women for pulpit supply.
  • Renewing the church through gaining exposure to diverse styles and voices.
  • Organizing ecumenical networking groups through connections by geographical location.

  • Fostering support for women in ministry through mentorship and discerning calls.
  • Equipping female preachers through relevant and inspiring workshops with practical and spiritual outcomes.
  • Receiving training from experienced preachers.
  • Lists of recommended books and continuing education.
  • The role of men in women’s ministry development. 
Here's how you can get Involved:
We have a few openings for preachers and workshop leaders
1. Send us a video of you or a favorite preacher.
2. Email us suggestions for workshops you'd like to participate in.
3. Join our facebook, instagram and twitter and help us get the word out
4. We want to create living networks for women who preach. We need to know who you are, what your dreams are and where you live.
5. Tell us your favorite resources so we can compile a mother-list to share