We want to tell you our story...

​​​​In the summer of 2017, sixteen students gathered together for a week-long preaching course at Conrad Grebel University College. Eight women and eight men crowded into a classroom to learn from one another led by their very experienced professor.

While the class began with awkward hellos, it soon developed into deeper friendships with loud and bold preaching voice exercises that will quickly make you (un)comfortable around anyone. During these activities, students developed newfound friendships which created a safe place for intense and good discussion around gender in the church and the role of women in ministry. 
The women were vulnerable in telling their stories of how they have been treated as women in ministry and the men were supportive in hearing the women’s voices and understanding the weight of the words that they carried. The class ended with women preaching bold sermons using their incredible gifts and abilities and men preaching sermons on the need for women’s voices in the church.

Out of this, a need for some sort of event that will raise a generation of Spirit-filled women to preach the words of Christ arose. Erika Mills, Steph Chandler Burns, Marg Van Herk-Paradis and Danielle Raimbault began conversations of a women’s preaching conference around delicious Pad Thai. Thus, Empowered Women Preach was born.