Tell us your story
One of the best ways we can empower women to preach is by telling each other our stories. Would you share yours with other women who need to hear it? We'd love to hear from you, please contact us .


  1. Meet Khristi
    13 Dec, 2017
    Khristi's Preaching Story
    "We have to do a better job of affirming young women in their everyday voices before we can begin to empower them to preach"
  2. Meet Melissa
    11 Dec, 2017
    Melissa's Preaching Story
    "Without a woman's voice we are missing a part of the voice of God"
  3. Laura's Preaching Story
    02 Dec, 2015
    Laura's Preaching Story
    ​    She started young... Q. Tell us a bit about yourself Laura. A. My name is Laura Klaver and I am a preacher in Be in Christ Canada (formerly Brethren in Christ). I am in my last year of graduate studies at Conrad Grebel in Waterloo. I am on the board at my church, I minister to women at the federal prison in Kitchener, and also lead a small group with my husband. I love sushi, watching comedy specials, and trying new recipes.   Q. How did you begin preaching? A. When I was a kid, I often