What We Do

  1. Conference Gathering with Keynote Speaker and Workshops
    September 2018 Conrad Grebel University College, Waterloo, Ontario.
    We will be gathering at Conrad Grebel University College on the last weekend in May for some specific training and equipping. Come and hear our wonderful keynote speaker, and diverse 6min sermons from inspiring women. Engage in relevant and inspiring workshops with practical and spiritual outcomes. Receiving training from preaching experts. Receive a list of recommended books and continuing education. Understand the crucial role of men in women’s ministry development.
  2. Networking Groups
    We are building networking groups by region for people who want to connect in small groups.
    Our networking groups provide women with supportive friends to share and explore their preaching call by: 1. Developing avenues to find lay women for pulpit supply. 2. Fostering support for women in ministry through mentorship and discerning calls.
  3. Online stories, connection and inspiration via social media
    Want to connect with others who are interested in empowering women preachers?
    Join our social media network and find others who need support or can support you. Learning from others happens well through sharing our stories and becoming known. We will post biographies every week and have conversations about women preachers, women pastors and the nuances of feminist hermeneutics.
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